Fred’s so out. Or is he?

On January 28, 2008, in News 2008, by Mark Norris

Rex Noseworthy,
January 28, 2008

With perhaps a nice trip to the GOP convention on their minds, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris said they were both encouraging voters to vote for the now-defunct candidate Fred Thompson.

See, Thompson dropped out of the race last week, but he is still on the ballot in Tennessee for the Feb. 5 primary.

Ramsey, Norris and other Republican senators are delegates for Thompson.

If Thompson gets above a certain threshold of votes, some of his delegates will get to go to Minneapolis later this year for the Republican Party’s national convention.

When asked if he would encourage Tennessean’s to back Thompson, Norris said: “You bet.”

Ramsey said he would as well and was concerned that his last name beginning with an “R” may sandbag his delegate candidacy since voters often chose delegates with last names beginning earlier in the alphabetical order.

“I told them to recruit a lot of S through Zs, you know what I mean,” Ramsey said.

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