Norris: No Senate vote on DSCC name change

On April 5, 2008, in News 2008, by Mark Norris

Dyersberg State Gazette
April 5, 2008

State Sen. Mark Norris said on Saturday he will not allow a vote to change the name of Dyersburg State Community College.

“I’ll oppose it,” said the Collierville Republican, whose senate district includes the main DSCC campus in Dyersburg and the Covington site. “And take a wait and see attitude from then.”

The Tennessee Board of Regents in March voted to approve the college’s new name as “Tennessee Western Community College.”

The public response, Norris said, “with the exception of people directly affiliated with the college, has been overwhelmingly negative.”

He questioned why, if the DSCC name “is such a barrier to growth outside Dyersburg, is the Covington campus have slightly more students than Dyersburg?”

Norris is Senate majority leader, which gives him effective oversight of all legislation on that side of the General Assembly. Even if the House gets a vote on it – which State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh (D-Ripley) said he opposes – the Senate must approve the measure, followed by the governor’s signature to become law.

Norris also said the measure should have the required fiscal note to provide legislators information on the cost to change the title, ranging from signage to registering a new Internet domain name to athletic uniforms. If the cost is more than $100,000, the bill is automatically forwarded to the Finance Committee for consideration. Norris is a member of that committee.

Norris said he would like to see people calm about the situation.

“I can appreciate the emotional reaction [to changing the name],” he said. “At the end of the day, it the love of the college that’s what it’s all about it.”

He complimented DSCC President Dr. Karen Bowyer’s work for the college.

“I appreciated Dr. Bowyer raising [the name change] up the flagpole,” he said. “She is a champion for the college, whatever you want to call the college.”

City board to again voice disapproval of new title

The Dyersburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen is again scheduled to go on the record opposing a name change to Dyersburg State Community College.

The agenda for the 7 p.m. Monday meeting includes time for Alderman Lewis Norman to read a resolution opposing the measure.

The board in November 2007 voted unanimously to oppose the name change.

The Dyer County Commission and Newbern Board of Mayor and Aldermen also have passed a resolution against the change. Each time the vote was unanimous.

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