Election commission with new members sworn in

On April 23, 2009, in News 2009, by Mark Norris

State Gazette
April 23, 2009

The 2009-2011 Dyer County Election Commissioners were sworn in this week during their monthly meeting.

The ceremony was officiated by Judge Lee Moore at the Dyer County Election Commission’s office.

New to the commission are Jerry L. Jackson and Eric J. Maupin, who make up part of the Republican majority, along with returning Commissioner Joe Enoch.

Sen. Mark Norris appointed Jackson and Maupin to the Dyer County Election Commission, along with Enoch who was reappointed.

Commissioners Thomas Parnell and Harold Sartin are the two returning members representing the Democratic Party.

Bobby Cook (R) and Vernita Turner (D) were not reappointed as commissioners.

State law mandates that the party in power must have three people sitting on the commission and two from the opposing party.

After the swearing-in ceremony, the meeting was held to nominate the officers.

During the meeting, Enoch was nominated as chairman, Jackson was nominated as vice chair and outgoing chairman Parnell became the new secretary.

Enoch is enthusiastic about his new position and says things will remain status quo.

“I’ve been on the commission for 24 years and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as chairman,” said Enoch. “We do things right around here and we’re going to continue to do them right. I don’t see any major changes … just going in the same direction with accurate elections.”

Parnell complimented Enoch on his knowledge of the election process and looks forward to serving with him as chairman.

“We are just really, really lucky to have Joe,” said Parnell. “Joe has been in the election commission for a long time. He knows more about it more than any of us ever will … and we’re just glad to have him.”

Dyer County Election Commission Administrator Jane Heathcott is confident in the new and returning commissioners and said she foresees the upcoming years as a positive experience.

“They are going to work out just great just like they always have,” said Heathcott. “Joe has been in the wings for 24 years and he’ll make a good chairman and Tom will make a good secretary. We’ve got a good group.”

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