Measure to close handgun records fails in Senate

On June 17, 2009, in News 2009, by Mark Norris
June 17, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A measure has failed this session that would close access to the names of people who hold state-issued permits to carry loaded handguns in public.

The proposal sponsored by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris of Collierville was defeated 14-13 in the Senate Wednesday night when it failed to get a majority vote.

Democratic Sen. Joe Haynes of Goodlettsville, who voted against the proposal, said “it’s unfair to the people in Tennessee to close these records.”

State Safety Department records show nearly 1,200 people have lost their permits since 2005.

Revocations are issued for felony convictions, while permits can be suspended for pending criminal charges or for court orders of protection.

The companion bill passed the House 83-12 last month.

Read HB0959 at:

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