State Reps Propose Annexation Bill

On January 30, 2012, in News 2012, by Mark Norris

Lauren Lee,
January 30, 2012

Ron Lollar and Curry Todd are backing legislation that would take unincorporated land from Memphis and give it to the County.
The City of Memphis is getting ready to strike first, before this bill can be passed.

Tuesday, the city will meet to discuss annexation of the Gray’s Creek area.

A joint statement issued by Mayor A C Wharton and Council Chairman Bill Morrisson said in part, “…this is a continued all-out assault on Memphis and its right to govern itself…”
Last year, Senator Mark Norris and Representative Curry Todd introduced and help usher the passing of a bill to guide the consolidation of Memphis and Shelby county schools.
These bills again are aimed at local affairs.
One bill requires referendum approval by voters when Shelby County tries to annex new territory, and the other would remove territory from Memphis’ annexation area east of Cordova to Fayette county.
The annexation areas were decided in a county wide agreement in 1998.
Wharton says a lawsuit should be expected if this is passed and that this will not stand.

City Councilman Jim Strickland agrees, “It’s just time and time again and on different issues. It’s time for the state legislatures to act principally and follow out what they say they’re for. And, to single out Memphis and Shelby County is just wrong.”
I spoke with Represenative Ron Lollar who said it was the people in unincorporated Shelby County who pushed this bill, but there are some questions as to if it will stand up in court.

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