Gov. Haslam Weighs in on Annexation Battle

On February 3, 2012, in News 2012, by Mark Norris
February 3, 2012


  • The sponsor of the controversial legislation that would impact Memphis’s annexation reserve is holding his bill
    Governor Bill Haslam doesn’t think the bill will move forward
  • Hold is to confirm constitutionality
  • (Memphis 2/3/2012) Senator Mark Norris is putting the brakes on a bill that would take the Gray’s Creek area of Shelby County away from Memphis’s annex reserve.

The co-sponsor says he’s are doing that to seek council from the Tennessee’s attorney general.

Governor Bill Haslam says he doesn’t think the bill will move forward.

Haslam says in his experience matters are usually better handled at the local level. Haslam dealt with annexation during his time as mayor of Knoxville.

“I ended up not doing a lot of annexation when I was mayor, but I was glad I had the right to do it if I felt like we needed to for the city,” said Haslam.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton says it is the city`s right, and not a decision to be made at the state capitol. Wharton says he`s happy to hear it’s being stalled.

“I won`t be able to rest easy until I know that it is dead so that we can go back to the law that`s on the books that allows us to handle these matters,” said Wharton.

Representative Curry Todd says he wrote the bill because his constituents in Fisherville wanted to incorporate.

Something they can’t do while they’re in the annex reserve.

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell believes those residents should still be considered.

“We need to listen to the concerns of the people in Fisherville and certainly hear what they have to say and see what can be done,” said Luttrell.

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