Film Industry Being Shut Out of Tennessee?

On February 22, 2012, in News 2012, by Mark Norris

Les Smith,
February 22, 2012

Nashville, Tn – As vociferous as they were you’d never think of them as being on an “endangered species” list in Tennessee. But, participating in a Nashville demonstration in support of proposed bills to improve financial incentives for the state’s faltering film industry, Memphis actors, Jan & Jeff Falk, are living the pain of trying to find work out-of-state.
Joined by other film industry workers, the Falks’ hope a new bill on film incentives sponsored by Collierville Republican State Senator, Mark Norris, will at least be a step in the right direction. Jan Astin, head of the Association of the Future of Film & Television, told me by phone, the proposal hinges on using the lure of “transferrable tax credits” similar to those offered in film-making hotbeds like Georgia and Louisiana.
It breaks down….the production company gets a check. The participating corporation gets a tax credit good for use anytime within a five year period. But, the legislation just can’t afford to stall out….especially when hundreds of industry workers are leaving the state for the greener pastures, greater incentive packages and solid work offered in nearby states.
Meanwhile, the state sits on a non-recurring incentive package that hasn’t changed since it was appropriated more than 5 years ago….and a Governor who apparently isn’t interested in including film incentives in his multi-million dollar economic development plans.

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