As recent events have dramatically demonstrated, enforcement of the law is essential to our safety. It is essential to our sense of order and society. It is critical to the preservation of Liberty.

Thanks to the support of SJR467, the Refugee Resettlement Resolution, we are now free to enforce your rights against unconstitutional refugee resettlement.

My petition to the Attorney General gained over 17,000 signatures from Tennesseans who want action. Although he personally declines to assume responsibility for enforcing our rights in a court of law, he has now delegated his authority to us to do so instead.

“We the people” will hold Washington, D.C. accountable.

We will hire outside counsel to sue for a declaration of our rights as a sovereign state; to uphold the constitutional principles by which we foster freedom.

Serious questions remain whether the federal government is complying with the Refugee Act of 1980; whether the “Syrian surge” threatens our sovereignty; whether increased outbreaks of tuberculosis and measles are because of poor refugee vetting; whether federal cost-shifting violates the Tenth Amendment and the sovereignty of the states which have withdrawn from the refugee resettlement program; and whether your peace, safety and happiness is truly in jeopardy.

The Attorney General acknowledges the General Assembly’s serious concerns about the potential impact of the Refugee Resettlement Program on this State. He respects the fact that, as the legislative body of this State, we have taken extraordinary measures to voice those concerns, and he supports our desire to resolve those concerns with independent counsel through the adjudicative process.

Several outside lawyers and firms have offered to take our case at no charge to the taxpayers. We are interviewing them and will evaluate how best to proceed, and with whom, as our counsel.

I remain committed to keeping Tennessee safe. Thank you for your support!


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