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Statehood Day in Tennessee

222 years ago today, on June 1, 1796, Tennessee was admitted into the Union as the 16th state by an Act of Congress approved by President George Washington. See it here.

Statehood Day is “an historical day to commemorate the admission of the state into the Union…”. (TCA 15-2-301; enacted by 1929 Public Chapter 13).

Tennessee State Flag

To know our history is to appreciate it; it inspires civic pride and should encourage participation in the type of self-governance that maintains us as The Volunteer State – – “America at Its Best.”

Tennessee flag inspired flower garden

From the Secretary of State’s website:

The first constitution of the state of Tennessee was adopted in 1796. The constitution was drafted in Knoxville by a convention consisting of 55 delegates. Once it was completed, the delegates sent the Constitution to Washington City for review by the Congress before it adjourned. President Washington signed the bill giving Tennessee immediate statehood on June 1, 1796. Most of the provisions regarding declarations on rights, taxes, and legislative authority were drawn from the North Carolina and Pennsylvania constitutions. According to historian J. G. M. Ramsey, Thomas Jefferson described the Tennessee constitution as the “least imperfect and most republican of the state constitutions.” The original 1796 constitution is kept at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Click here to see a digital image of the 1796 Constitution and download a transcription.

Tennessee Celebrates Statehood

Happy Birthday, Tennessee! And many happy returns!

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