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Report finds ‘growing’ demand for college program
January 5, 2017 “We have to look at the cost associated with it, but the benefit part outweighs every cost,” Norris said. “When you go and look in the eyes of these young people and see what a difference a relevant education makes, it’s just real clear.” more…

Statement of Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris on Blue Cross Blue Shield announcement
September 26, 2016 “My main concern right now is for the folks who must now find coverage where it may cost too much or may not exist at all.” more…

Legislation attempts to fight elder abuse
July 1, 2016 They call it the “Silent Crisis.” Too often, crimes of elder abuse go unreported, leaving its helpless victims to suffer silently. And far too often it happens at the hands of those whom they trust the most. more…


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